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Reciprocity (Service under Other UFCW Plans)

If you do not earn enough Eligibility Service, you cannot become vested (guaranteed a pension). And if you are not vested, you can lose all service you previously earned if you leave Covered Employment.

To help prevent such loss of service, we have an arrangement known as “reciprocal service” with several other UFCW Plans around the country. If you have a few years of service under this Plan and a few years under a “reciprocal” plan, the total service may be enough for you to be vested.


  • You earn 4 years of Eligibility Service under this Plan.
  • You move to Arizona and begin working under the Desert States UFCW Pension Plan.
  • You earn 7 years of service under the Desert States plan.

Four years of service is not enough to vest your pension under the Plan. But together with the 7 years under the reciprocal plan, you have 11 years of service which means you are vested. When you retire, you will receive two pensions:

  • your pension amount from this Plan will be based on your 4 years of service and
  • your pension amount from the Desert States plan will be based on your 7 years of service.

Reciprocal Plans

Following is a list of current reciprocal plans:

  • Arizona (Phoenix), Desert States Employers and UFCW Unions Pension Plan
  • Colorado (Denver), Rocky Mountain UFCW Unions and Employers Pension Plan
  • Connecticut (Farmington), Retail Employers Union Local 919 United Food Pension Plan
  • Georgia (Atlanta), UFCW Unions and Employers Pension Plan
  • Indiana (Indianapolis), Indiana Area UFCW Unions and Retail Food Employers Joint Pension Plan
  • Indiana (Crown Point), Retail Clerks Union District Council No. 12 Variety and Department Store Pension Plan
  • Illinois (Belleville), Local 534 and Employers Grocery Employees Pension Plan
  • Illinois (Belleville), Employers and Local 534 Meat Employees Pension Plan
  • Illinois (Chicago), UFCW International Union-Industry Pension Plan
  • Massachusetts (Braintree), New England UFCW and Employers Pension Plan
  • Missouri (Kansas City), Kansas City Area Retail Food Store Employees Pension Plan
  • Missouri (Manchester), UFCW Union Local 655, AFL-CIO Food Employers Joint Pension Plan
  • Ohio (Cleveland), UFCW Local 880 Retail Food Employers Joint Pension Plan
  • Ohio (Columbus), UFCW Unions and Food Employers Pension Plan of Central Ohio
  • Utah (Salt Lake City), Inter-Mountain Retail Food Industry Pension Plan
  • Utah (Salt Lake City), Retail Food Employers and UFCW Local 711 Pension Plan
  • Washington (Seattle), Retail Clerks Pension Trust Plan
  • Washington (Spokane), Inter-Mountain Retail Store Employees Pension Trust Plan
  • Wisconsin (Milwaukee), UFCW Unions and Employers Pension Plan


(Updated 05/01/13)