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Applying for Your Pension

People are often surprised at the length of time it can take to process a pension. Unlike the Social Security Administration or a single company pension office that has all necessary information on hand, we must rely on outside sources for much of our information.

When to Apply

As you approach retirement age, you should contact the Fund Office about a year prior to retirement.

If for some reason your plans change and you are ready to leave your employment sooner than you had expected, we offer a “Temporary Estimated Pension.” This allows you to receive a benefit within four to six weeks of your last day of work. The temporary benefit is based just on the information that we have on hand at the time. When your application is fully processed, we will pay any additional benefits that you are due back to your retirement date.

What Information Must I Provide

The application package includes several forms for you to complete:

  • Member Data Sheet—Your personal information and your work history, dates of hire, etc. Don’t worry if you cannot remember exact starting dates as this can be verified elsewhere.
  • Social Security Authorization—Allows us to obtain a detailed transcript of your employment history. This transcript shows us all of your various employers. We can then make sure you’re getting credit for all participating employers and that those employers have paid on all the hours they should have for you.
  • Proof of Age—Your birth certificate or other acceptable evidence of your age.
  • Benefit Alternatives—Allows you to request estimates under the various payment options available to you. (This form is not included if you are under age 54.)
  • Application—A formal application must be filed indicating your intent to retire.

Processing of your Application

It’s a good idea to contact the Fund Office soon after you have sent your completed forms to be sure we received them. After that, we will get in touch with you should further information be needed.


Some pension information is available on-line at Forms and Publications. To obtain retirement forms, please call the Fund Office so we can discuss which forms you will need.


(Updated 05/01/13)