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Income Protection Benefit

This benefit provides you with a basic level of income if you become disabled and cannot work at any occupation because of a non-occupational injury or illness. Income Protection Benefits (often called “Disability Benefits”) are payable only to active, eligible employees.

Disability Benefits

The Plan pays 55% of your weekly earnings, up to $250 per week for up to a maximum period of 26 weeks for each period of non-occupational illness or injury. Benefits start on the:

  • 1st day of an accident
  • 1st day of hospitalization
  • 1st day of outpatient surgery
  • 8th consecutive day of sickness

While you are disabled, your coverage may be continued under an automatic extension of coverage. See the “Extension of Coverage during Disability” section under the Miscellaneous Eligibility Provisions on the Election of Coverage and Eligibility Provisions page of this website.

When your coverage otherwise ends, you may elect to continue coverage by making self-payments under COBRA.

Successive Periods of Disability

Successive periods of disability due to the same or related causes are considered one period of disability, unless separated by a return to active, full-time work for four consecutive weeks.

Successive periods of disability due to entirely different and unrelated causes are considered one period of disability, unless separated by at least one day of active, full-time work.

What’s Not Covered

Benefits are limited to one 26-week period for disability due to any one injury and two 26-week periods for disability due to a single or related illness/injury.

Benefits are not payable for:

  • any period of disability during which you are not under the regular care of a doctor; telephone consultations are not considered regular care of a doctor
  • any disability resulting from a loss, problem, complaint, pain or ailment which did not arise from an objectively determined and documented medical impairment
  • any period of disability for which you receive pay from your employer
  • anything excluded under the Plan’s General Exclusions and Limitations.


(Updated 11/21/08)