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Pension Status Report

The Pension Status Report (PSR) is sent periodically to employee-members as required under federal law. The PSR gives information on your earned pension service credit and, if you are vested, an estimated pension amount as of the end of the prior year. This report can also be sent to you at any time upon request—contact the Fund Office.

Your PSR will include the following information:

  • the name of your employer and the total covered hours worked each year as reported by your employer (multiple employers will be listed separately)—it is a good idea to check these hours against your pay stubs. Report any discrepancies immediately by sending copies of your pay stubs along with a letter of explanation to the Fund Office.
  • your accumulated Eligibility Service and Credited Service. In most cases, Prior Service is not included on the PSR. Prior Service will be verified and calculated at the time you file an application for your pension.
  • if you are vested, an estimate of your Single-Life Pension payable at your normal retirement age.
  • if you are not vested, the amount of pension service credit you need to earn to become vested and to avoid a Break-in-Service.

You may request a copy of your most recent Pension Status Report by contacting the Fund Office.


(Updated 05/10/13)