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Transfer from Union to Management/Non-Union

Sometimes employees are offered a non-union position with a participating employer and want to know what happens to their pension credit.

When you leave Covered Employment and immediately begin working for a participating employer in any capacity other than a union position, it is called “contiguous non-Covered Employment.” If you work at least 1,000 hours per calendar year in “contiguous non-Covered Employment,” you earn Eligibility Service for each year but not Credited Service. Thus, time worked in management (or other non-union positions) will count toward vesting your pension but will not count toward the amount of your pension.


  • you worked 4 years in a union position (2010 through 2013)
  • you then moved to a management position for the same employer and worked full-time for 2 years before retiring

Because you earned 5 or more years of Eligibility Service (you earned 6), you are vested and are guaranteed a pension.

Your pension will probably be small since the amount will be based on only the 4 years in the union.


(Updated 05/02/13)