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Traveling Outside of the United States or Canada

Your plan may not include every benefit mentioned. Refer to your plan booklet to verify which benefits are included in your plan.

Plan Provision

The Health Plan does not cover expenses for treatment that is received outside the United States or Canada, except for emergency care. Persons who plan on traveling should have all routine or planned health needs, including refilling necessary prescriptions, attended to prior to leaving the country.

BlueCard Worldwide

If you do need emergency care outside of the United States or Canada, the Plan’s relationship with BlueCross BlueShield gives you access to “BlueCard Worldwide.” This program links international providers and BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois. It provides benefits to the patient and also provides an electronic network for simplified claims processing and reimbursement.

For program details, including your responsibilities, go to www.bluecardworldwide.com.

You are only a phone call away from a BlueCross BlueShield PPO provider. Use the toll-free, 24-hour access line, 800-810-BLUE (2583) or log on as described above to find doctors and hospitals throughout the world. Why not call in advance before you travel?

Assistance Available

BlueCard Worldwide also provides the following services:

  • worldwide doctor and hospital locations
  • initial medical assessment by a medical professional
  • English translators for patients
  • emergency transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility
  • review of all patient bills to ensure billing accuracy

Specific program details, including your responsibilities, are provided at www.bluecardworldwide.com

Claim Processing

In most cases, you are not required to pay up front for inpatient care at a BlueCard Worldwide hospital.

For outpatient care, patients pay the provider and then submit an international claim form.

Specific program details, including claim forms, are provided at www.bluecardworldwide.com. Forms may also be obtained by calling BlueCrossBlueShield at 800-810-BLUE (2583).

(Updated 10/15/14)