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Vesting Your Pension

The term “vested” simply means that you have earned enough credit that your pension is guaranteed to you when you reach retirement age. You cannot lose your pension credit even if you stop working.

5-Year Vesting

You can become vested after earning five or more years of Eligibility Service (without a Break-in-Service) if:

  • you earn at least one year of Eligibility Service after 1997 and
  • you complete at least one hour of Covered Employment on or after December 1, 1998.

Five-year vesting entitles you to a Normal Retirement Pension beginning at your Normal Retirement Age. If you should die before you retire, your surviving spouse or dependent children may be entitled to a Survivor Pension.

10-Year Vesting

To receive a pension earlier than your Normal Retirement Age, you must have earned 10 or more years of Eligibility Service without a Break-in-Service.

Ten-year vesting entitles you to an Early Retirement Pension beginning as early as age 55 or to a Disability Retirement Pension, in addition to the pension types listed immediately above under 5-year Vesting.


(Updated 05/01/13)